The HTTP API provides a simple way to integrate the functionality See details of our Reseller platform with your Storefront, Control Panel or Application. You can leverage existing HTTP libraries available in almost all programming languages and try out or test the API easily using your favorite browser.

Right now, the HTTP API is available for free, and is subject to limits on request volume. If your requirements are above and beyond our standard usage policies See details, please get in touch with us.

Getting Started

  • It is a good practice to URL encode all values when sending them via the HTTP API. This is especially required when Customer details, Sub-Reseller details, Contact details, Passwords, etc. contain special characters.

    Additional Information

    HTML URL Encoding Reference

  • The various entities in our system require specific validation for usage. See details

Before you can start making HTTP API requests, for security reasons, you must first register the IP addresses from where you will be accessing the API. You will be able to access the API only from these IPs. See details